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iCrew sailed!

We are pleased to announce that iCrew, funded by the EPAnEK’s operational programme competitiveness-entrepreneurship-innovation, officially started on June 2022 and the kick-off meeting took place in Patra, Greece on the 28th of June. DrC will exploit and develop blended reality technologies (AR-VR mixed environment) to train skippers in the safe sailing of small boats.  

The Coordinator of the project is Realiscape Typorama a company that is strongly involved in V- Lab (Virtual Laboratory). During the meeting, the participants had the chance to be acquainted with various features of V-Labs (in the picture below our senior researcher Fotis Oikonomou takes a VR course for fire-fighting training). In general, the purpose of this project is to simulate with high levels of realism and immersion the driving needs of a small boat in many different weather conditions at all longitudes and latitudes around the globe, simultaneously with other vessels traffic of various sizes and with requirements for safe docking in a large number of ports. The skipper trains in complete safety in an as-close-to-life experience: ultra-realistic real-time graphics, full multi-channel audio coverage, a real open or closed cabin with all the controls and instruments with full functionality, and three-axis motion that fully responds to turbulence and waves of the natural environment. iCREW aspires to transform maritime training around the world, with potential customers amounting to several thousand (as small craft schools and naval academies).