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EO4EU Webinar – 20/02/2023!

‘’Unveiling the opportunities of EO data exploitation: EO4EU Use Cases’’ EO4EU Webinar on Feb 20, 2023, completed successfully. Dimitris Kaklis (DK) participated in the Ocean Monitoring Use Case, which aims to optimize shipping industry travel time across oceans through EO4EU tools by incorporating live weather data. During the presentation we outlined future steps, concerning the deployment of the WR module to the EO4EU platform.
More specifically, we established a clear segregation between the two versions of the module: a. EO4EU – (simulation purposes) b. ON EDGE – requirements/refinements elicitation by evaluating the WR module in a real-world setting. Additionally, we introduced the concept of a multitenant architecture, where each user would be able to evaluate the EO4EU-powered WR module by incorporating their own set of data into the platform. Moreover, we presented how weather could potentially influence the market in terms of supply-demand projections on wet/dry cargoes (freight rates projections).

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