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EO4EU Project started

EO4EU the AI-augmented ecosystem for Earth Observation data accessibility with Extended reality User Interfaces for Service sails  from NKUA (National Kapodistrian University of Athens) on 29 June to  support the wider exploitation of EO data by delivering:

 Machine Learning (ML) methodologies for Semantic Annotation of existing and growing data sources,

 Semantically enhanced knowledge graphs that will enable structuring of content around diverse topic areas and building step by step journeys from different sources into a unified approach,

 Data fusion techniques to extend the scalability of existing distributed systems,

 Augmented and Virtual Reality for interactive user experience, and

 Advanced data analytics visualizations for improved learning and evidence-based interpretations of environmental observations. Danaos research centre utilizing existing background technologies will capitalize on available data sources and data exploitation initiatives to implement route planning and ocean monitoring.  Dimitris Kaklis and Penny Arampatzi  are nominated as our representatives