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ENGIMMONIA GA- Athens, Greece

DANAOS hosted the General Assembly of the ENGIMMONIA EU Project on May 9 and 10. Representatives from various organizations attended the meeting, which was held at DANAOS’ headquarters in Athens. The ENGIMMONIA EU Project is aimed at developing a platform for monitoring and managing the energy consumption of maritime transport. This platform will use advanced technologies and data analysis to improve the efficiency and sustainability of shipping operations, while also reducing the environmental impact of maritime transport.

During the General Assembly, participants discussed the progress made in the project since its launch, as well as the challenges that lie ahead. They also had the opportunity to review and provide feedback on the technical developments of the project.

The ENGIMMONIA EU Project is a collaborative effort between several organizations from across Europe, including research institutions, shipping companies, and software developers. Its goal is to create a platform that will help the maritime industry to achieve a more sustainable and efficient future.

As the project continues, it is clear that collaboration and innovation will be crucial to its success. DANAOS and its partners remain committed to developing solutions that will have a positive impact on the environment and the industry as a whole.