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DrC Newsletter | November 2022!

📣DrC Newsletter | November 2022!
The present Newsletter includes our Research & Development Activities during the month of November, 2022.

During the month of November, DrC participated in multiple research and development activities. Most of them were related to our running EU Projects and various SC/GA meetings took place abroad among the partners for the overall progress of the projects. Moreover, within this period, we managed to participate in seven (7) HORIZON proposals under the funding scheme of RIA & IA, while Greek co-funding project ORC4SHIP, the 1st Reporting Period was successfully completed by submitting also five (5)deliverables. Several workshops and webinars were organized and DrC had the leading role in the Cybersecurity webinar, as well as in the Master Program ‘’Marine Science & Technology Management’’, where the course‘’ Ship management and new technologies’’ run by DrC in company’s premises. Furthermore, numerous publications of scientific papers were released. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the EU Project ‘’GATERS’’ won the Senior Researcher Award by Travisions 2022 in the field of Waterborne.