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Copropel kick off meeting

We are pleased to announce that the EU Research and Innovation Copropel project kick off meeting took place on 24 June 2022. Mrs Artemis Flori , the Danaos Scientific coordinator and WP1 package leader presented the project implementation plan.

CoPropel puts forth a holistic approach in the shipping industry by introducing a composite marine propeller offering corrosion resistance, lightweight, tailoring of material properties, low electric signature and acoustic properties. The CoPropel consortium seeks to contribute to the optimization of propulsion systems by developing and maturing technologies for the realization of marine propellers made of advanced composite materials. Compared to their traditional counterparts, marine composite propellers are more ‘quiet’, ‘lightweight’ and ‘highly efficient’:

 · Low vibration – reduced noise emissions: Its high damping performance absorbs vibration on the shafting leading to reduced underwater radiated noise (URN)

· Lightweight: 50-60% lighter enabling a smaller shaft diameter resulting in a smaller moment of inertia (1/4)

· High performance: 12% to 15% lower energy consumption and reduced environmental footprint

· High Strength: Greater resistance to fatigue enabling high reliability

 · Reduced cavitation: Its flexible deformation enables the cavitation inception to be restrained.