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AIRCOAT (AIRCOAT EU project was successfully completed)


The Air Induced Friction Reducing ship COATing (AIRCOAT) project develops a passive air lubrication technology inspired by the Salvinia effect. Applying the AIRCOAT technology to ship-hull surfaces will produce a thin permanent air layer, when submerged in water. This reduces the overall frictional resistance while acting as a physical barrier between water and hull surface. The AIRCOAT technology has the potential to reduce energy consumption and emissions of Europe’s waterborne transport, making it more sustainable. The project crossed the finish line in APRIL completing 4 years of developments in producing an innovative fouling release coating foil. A prototype continuous casting production line machine was developed to produce foil in large quantities. A test-patch of the industrial foil was successfully applied to one of DANAOS containerships. DrC coordinated the pilot application process and led the assessment of the financial and environmental viability of a full-scale commercialization of the product. DrC contributed to the consolidation of cost-benefit, risk and life cycle analysis in a single holistic evaluation framework. Results proved that AIRCOAT technology is a promising cutting-edge coating system introducing significant emission and fuel cost savings in the maritime industry.